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Fab Finds: Seattle - Day Three & Four

Fab Finds: Seattle - Day Three & Four

Ok folks, we've made our way to the last day and half of my wonderful Seattle adventure!

On Saturday, we decided to venture out to the Fremont neighborhood which is famously known for housing the devilishly delicious Theo Chocolate!  Before we hit the chocolate factory, we decided to pop into Fremont Mischief Distillery for a little whiskey tasting!  

Have you ever been whiskey or spirits tasting!?!  Oh man, that's a whole other animal!  Mentally, you go in thinking you're going to be doing some wine tasting or even beer tasting, then it gets real.  They start pouring into little tiny plastic cups - shot glasses if you will, of said alcohol.  This stuff is not meant to be taken as shots people, you are supposed to sip...SIP!  Mischief not only offers whiskey, but vodka, gin and rum as well.  They're mostly known for their rye whiskey, specifically their award winning Dark Northern Rye Whiskey which was voted Best Washington Craft Rye Whiskey in a blind taste test with Edible Seattle Magazine.  I have to say, this was my favorite as well!  

One other cool thing Mischief is doing is a whiskey challenge between Captain Casey & Captain Josh from Deadliest Catch!  Basically it's a fundraiser for the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial and Sea Scouts and the Captain whose whiskey sells out first wins!  It was just released August 25, so if you're interested in the Storm Tossed Rye Whiskey and participating, you can purchase some HERE!

After this fun experience, we decided it was time to coat our bellies in chocolate, so we popped across the street (literally) to Theo Chocolate!  This sweet, delicious chocolate is pure heaven.

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate!  Have you ever been to a place where you can try all the chocolate you want and nobody is judging you!?!?  If you haven't, then you need to go to Theo immediately!  Right when you walk in, there's a wall of chocolate bars to your right with containers filled with samples... the bottom half of the sample containers are smaller pieces of chocolate and if you pay attention, the top half are larger pieces. #jackpot

I tried and tried and tried until I found my favorites!  I ended up taking home Salted Toffee 55% Dark, Coconut 70% Dark, Orange 70% Dark, Salted Almond 70% Dark, Sea Salt 70% Dark & Pure 70% Dark.  I have a thing for dark chocolate... it's basically a health food, so I'm in the clear!

After trying the bars, I went over to the ganache counter and tried some of that... oh dear...trouble.  I ended up getting a box of 12! WHY!?!  So unnecessary, but completely necessary!  I basically got one of each (minus the fennel one, can't hang!) and I am SO excited to have little surprise treats!

Theo was probably one of my favorite places to visit on this trip!  Not only for the chocolate, but just the full experience there - From the people to the products to the environment, all an A+ in my book!  Next time, I definitely wanna do the tour!

After our sugar coma kicked in, we decided we needed to walk around for a bit and actually have a REAL meal at some point.  So we dropped into a few boutiques here and there, then settled on a taco bar for lunch - Red Star Taco Bar.

Things you must order here:

1. Bean 'n' Cheese Dip - RIDICULOUS 

2. Taqui-Queso w/ Carne Asada - UN-FRIGGIN-REAL

3. Roasted Pineapple Margarita - DEEEELISH

(We were way too hungry to wait and take pics on both Snapchat AND my camera, so Snapchat won!  If you followed my story while I was in Seattle, then I'm sure you got a glimpse of this deliciousness!)

I have to really give a big shout out to Laura and her husband Eric for taking me to Fremont and showing me around that awesome area!  What a fun part of Seattle!

Sunday, my final (half) day in the city we decided to go OUT to breakfast and walk down the street to this adorable cafe called Admiral Bird Cafe.  They specialize in delicious waffles, both sweet and savory!  I knew I needed something savory in my belly, so I ordered the Ham & Cheese Sandwich which comes with smoked swinery ham, pepper jack cheese, relish & bird aioli served between two Belgian waffle slices. Oh man, I ate this within a blink of an eye because it was so darn tasty!

Thank you to everyone for all your suggestions and ideas for this trip!  I truly had an amazing trip spending time with the bestie and seeing how far her and and her husband have come with the transition of the move and with their new life adjustments.  I couldn't be more proud of Laura and all the accomplishments she's completed over the years.  She is trually a role model to me and someone I look up to with deep love and respect.  Thank you again for an amazing time Friend!!  Love you!! XOXO

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