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Fab Finds: Re-Invent Juicery

Fab Finds: Re-Invent Juicery

It's hard to find a good juicery...but if we're being honest, a LEGIT juicery here in town.  So when Re-Invent Juicery opened their doors back in December of 2015, I was so excited to finally walk into a place that specializes in juices for specific targeted needs.  Not only are these cold-pressed babies SO delicious, but they have such vibrant colors from all natural ingredients that it makes them exciting to drink!

The interior of this gorgeous juicery is so calm and peaceful, just absolutely perfect.  It's crisp and clean, open and inviting, wonderful for sipping on an ice cold juice!

I recently popped in to grab a couple bottles of juice and decided to grab a blend as well.  Since I stopped in during that awkward after work-running errands-pre-dinner time, I decided a lighter blend was probably my best bet.  The gal making all these fabulous juices and blends recommended the "Energizer," but to make it a strawberry/banana, agave nectar, almond milk blend instead.  So basically she created a whole new drink!   

This version of the "Energizer" was absolute perfection!  It mirrored the Strawberries Wild from Jamba, but just tasted lighter and more refreshing!  It was SO delicious and something I would order time and time again.  I think what I love most is that there are only 4 simple ingredients in this bad boy, so that makes me even happier about what I'm putting in my body.  

If Re-invent Juicery wasn't 21 minutes from my house (yes, I google mapped it!), I would honestly probably go there every morning - I'm dying to try their Acai Bowl!  I think this may have to be a Saturday morning trip!  

Two really cool things to also note:

1.  Bottle Recycle Program - If you bring back your used bottles, they'll give you a dollar off your next juice!  If you feel like keeping your bottle, use it as a vase, that's what I did until they launched their program!

2. THEY HAVE STAMP CARDS PEOPLE!!! (I love me a stamp card.)

Now go give it try, go re-invent yourself!

Through all natural foods, beverages, and premium customer service we will bring inspiration and motivation to a healthier way of life.

Guiltlessly enjoy pure juice and re-invent yourself!
— Re-invent Juicery
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