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Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Every week there are so many thing I'm obsessed with, whether it's food, fashion, photos, videos, ANYTHING, so I thought I'd bring them to you guys so you can obsess over them with with me! How's that sound!?  OK here we go!

Things I'm obsessed with this week:

Jamie Beck's photo from her stay in Luberon, France - This woman is literally a dream.

This GORGEOUS number from the Emmys!  Kristen Bell KILLED it!

Shay Mitchell's YouTube Channel, if you're not watching, do it! She's hilarious! I follow her on all her accounts...I love her. 

THIS. IS. US. OMG!! This show gave me all the feels!! I was a sobbing mess and I wasn't mad about it!

These insanely cute sunnies!  I just love the shape and the rim detail!

Ummm... this Spicy Tuna Rice Burger, yes please! Sign me up!

Since it's been wedding season non-stop this year, THIS dress keeps haunting me! UGH! NEED!

Pumpkin S'mores Cake Bars, nuff said.

Remember how I said I was OBSESSED with Copper, well then these had to come out, like why!?!

I so desperately want to do THIS for Bixby and Khaleesi this year for Halloween since Bix HATES it when I put costumes on him, this way he'll have no idea!! Zebra print for the win! 

 If not, I might just have to get this for Khaleesi, I mean, how can you not!?

You guys, I've discovered my new favorite foundation, MAKE UP FOR EVER! I've never felt a more a natural, light and fresh feel to my face ever!  (P.S. Go see Jordan at the Sephora Fashion Fair Mall, she is AMAZING!!!!)

This ice cream has been satisfying all my sweet tooth cravings lately... and the best is drizzling a little magic shell on top, oh boy, I die.

And Lastly...

Looking forward to receiving THIS book!  Just placed my Amazon order!

Are you as obsessed as I am!?  What are you fabulously obsessing over this week, anything good out there I'm missing!?

Fab Finds: Paint Nite - Rainbow: The Elephant

Fab Finds: Paint Nite - Rainbow: The Elephant

Fab Finds: Glamazon Ipsy Glam Bag

Fab Finds: Glamazon Ipsy Glam Bag