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Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Here we go, another week of fabulous obsessions!! Who's ready!?

Things I'm obsessed with this week:

In honor of my photo this past weekend, I'm OBSESSED with these cookies by Vickie Liu!

THIS beaded bangle is what I'm talking about!  It brings me life and is calling my name.

Do you follow the fabulous Aimee Song? She's an amazing blogger and of course, I'm obsessed, so I need her new book

Can we just talk about how GORGEOUS my friend Caroline looks here, ugh! Can't even deal.  Also, follow her blog because A. She's a perfect 10 and B. She's my muse and my inspiration!

Something about moon fruit and sleeping just sounds so right, so basically I need this ASAP.

Been swooning over this piece of luggage for awhile now so I'm thinking...Christmas!?!?

Who's coming over!? Cuz I'm mixing up this delicious little number REAL soon!

Can we just talk about how festively Fall The Pioneer Woman's new kitchen line is!? AND it's available at WAL-MART people!!

Apple Fries?!?!  Are they healthy!?  Probably not, but they're VEGAN! So that means they're healthy in my book!

Ever since the release of the Honest Beauty hair care line, I have been dying to try it! Good thing I just bought it this week, so I have NO excuse now!!

This recipe just SCREAMS Fall...gimme.

Given that this is my favorite Halloween movie, I may just have to purchase this bad boy...and watch this movie a bajillion times!! 

Obsessed with how adorably chic this salt spoon is, ugh in brass!??! Come on! Need.

Find any favs!??!  What are YOU obsessing over this week!!?  Tell me, tell me!! I wanna know!!

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