Fab Finds: Paint Nite - Rainbow: The Elephant

A couple nights ago, my friend Danae and I ventured into our third Paint Nite, and we were pumped!!  Not only were we pumped for a girl's night out, but hello, we got to paint an adorable elephant - how can you not be excited!?

This was the sample painting from the instructor

After we got settled into our front row seats, picked out the perfect Pinot, it was finally time to get started!

Let's begin!!  

Jessie was our instructor this time around and she was so much fun!!  First of all, when we walked in, I noticed her KILLER eye shadow, so I knew we were in for a fun night!  Our night was smooth, fun and full of vino and big laughs!

Take a look at our process throughout the night!

My finished product, which I have to say I am VERY proud of! 

...and Danae's finished product! She went rogue, and it's awesome!! haha

This painting was so much fun, and really let us put our own creativity into it!  If you haven't experienced a Paint Nite, you must!  Plan a girl's night, a date night, a mother-daughter night, a sister night, ANY night, it's so much fun!!  If you're local, look for the instructor's Brenda and Jesse, they're awesome!!  You won't be disappointed with your night!