Fab Finds: California Droolin' Barkbox

Summer may be over, but my little pupperooni's are still spending plenty of time California droolin' and bathin' in what's left of Mother Earth's warm sun!  I'll never understand their minds, because even on our hottest days of summer (100+ degrees) they will be outside, on the cement, sunbathing away!  Such little weirdos!  

As soon as I opened this box and saw a TACO, I died!  And then when I realized the taco came apart into pieces, I seriously lost it!  The whole theme of this box was completely adorable and perfect for these little California babies!

Take a peek for yourself!

The pups went crazy for this box, as usual!!  I WISH I caught a video of Bixby playing with the taco toy, it was hilarious!! He was TOTALLY diggin' it!  Both babies absolutely loved their new treats and toys!

Now, time for their close-up!