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Fab Finds: MaRoo

Fab Finds: MaRoo

I recently made my way across town and cheated on my regular sushi joint to try out another sushi place that one of my friends is absolutely in love with, so I decided, why not!? Let's do it!

MaRoo is not just a fabulous sushi place, but to my surprise, they're serving up delicious Korean food too!  As we walked in, we noticed a sign stating that all hot sake was 10% off, so we decided it was completely necessary to start off with that...and some addicting edamame of course!

Next up, sushi of course!  It was recommended to try "Jin's Roll" so that we did.  Jin's Roll includes: Spicy tuna, mixed imitation crab, cucumber inside, and topped with salmon and avocado.  It was served with the most interestingly tasty sauce, a sauce I've never tasted with sushi before and it was absolutely delicious!!  It was also vinaigrette-like, hard to explain, but yummy!

The next roll we ordered was a baked roll, the "Baked Salmon Roll" which included: Cream cheese, yamagobo, avocado inside, topped with salmon, baked then served with a sauce on top.  It was so light, and baked to perfection.  Also, I love when sushi is served in foil pouches!

Now...for the main event!  Something I've been wanting to try for SO long and I finally got to do it!  I actually had no idea MaRoo even had this dish until I looked at the menu, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it there along with some other very interesting dishes that had my taste buds intrigued!  The Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap with Chicken is literally life.  I'm probably the only person on this planet that hadn't tried this dish until just recently!  It did NOT disappoint and I was SO happy about this decision.  I could have easily eaten the entire dish myself, so it's probably a good thing we shared.  Ok, so what's inside?  Assorted vegetables over crisped rice in a sizzling stone bowl served with a sweet spicy sauce on the side.  BOMB.

...and then sadly, there was none left. #killedit

I will definitely be going back to MaRoo again, and if that dish is the only thing I order, I will be JUST fine with that!  However, I find that last statement hard to believe, pretty sure I'll be ordering half the menu, per usual!

In the meantime...

Take a peek at some of MaRoo's new menu items, they all sound SO good!!

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