Fab Finds: The Garth Brooks World Tour

This has to be the BEST show I have ever seen. EVER.  There are not enough words to describe to you how I felt during his three plus hour show.  ALL. THE. FEELS. 

The Three of us who went - Randy, myself and our friend April! 

Garth had three awesome opening acts that I have been listening to non-stop!  First up was the adorable Mitch Rossell who played a nice little acoustic set!  He was so easy going and so pleasant to listen to, really happy I was introduced to his music!  

  Mitch Rossell

Mitch Rossell

Next up was the sassy and spunky Karyn Rochelle who is a singer-songwriter who not only has her own vibe going on, but is ALSO one of Garth's backup singers as well!!  She actually sang a song I knew which was a song she co-wrote for Kellie Pickler from American Idol called "Red High Heels," remember that one!?  She was adorable and so much fun!

Karyn Rochelle

The final opening act was a gentleman named William Michael Morgan *swoon* whose debut album "Vinyl" comes out September 30th!  Oh my, when he opened his mouth and started singing, my inner teenage girl came out! haha I was laughing so hard at myself!  He had that true cowboy charm with a deep charming country voice, just yummy! 

William Michael Morgan

Now...on to the main event!  Mr. Garth Brooks himself!!  I have to say every seat in the house was a good seat!!  He had a stage that was a round about stage where he was running all around the stage, literally running, so the entire audience was able to enjoy every bit of the show!  Everything was so well done from the stage set to the interactions between all the band members and most importantly Garth's unreal interaction with the audience.  Garth is such a humble and passionate performer where you can feel his genuine love for his fans.   It completely makes sense to me why he does this for a living!

Probably one of the sweetest moments was when Garth's wife, Trisha Yearwood came out and shared the stage with him and they sang a beautiful duet.  Then she took the stage and sang a few songs of her own.  My favorite was when she sang the theme song from her cooking show on the food network! (Which I watch regularly, might I add!)  They showed bloopers and clips from her cooking show on the big screen which was a cute touch!

You can really tell a man loves what he does when after four shows, on night number three, and after a FULL show, he puts on an hour encore performance.  UNREAL.  He was so sweet!!  He was essentially taking requests from the audience via signs and playing acoustic snippets of those songs.  He then talked to the audience a bit, and finally brought the band back up on stage to play a few more songs!  What a gentleman!  What really touched me was when he shared the appreciation he had for the time he had spent in Fresno and for how special his Fresno fans made him feel.  I'm not gonna lie, there were a few moments during the night where I got a bit teary eyed.  Such a memorable evening for not only myself, but for SO many people!  

Hopefully you've had a chance to see Garth before at some point in your life, but if you haven't, hurry and try to see him on this tour, it's a MUST!!