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Fab Finds: Weekends at Enzo's Table

Fab Finds: Weekends at Enzo's Table

Every weekend I pass by the Food Truck packed Enzo's Table right down the street from my house and ALWAYS say "That'd be fun, we should do that sometime!"  Well, I finally decided that "sometime" was now!  This past Labor Day weekend, Randy and I ventured over to the ever so popular Enzo's Table where you'll not only happily find yourself in a food coma post food truckin', but you can shop inside their adorable family store as well.  Here you'll find locally-grown fruits, nuts and garden-fresh produce along with my favorite, their award-winning ENZO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Their Garlic and Meyer Lemon oils are to die for, but their newest oil, Clementine Crush (which I just purchased) is so fresh, so delicious, that I could easily drink that entire bottle!  I remember trying it at the Fresno Food Expo and being blown away!

We picked the PERFECT day to head over to Enzo's Table for some lunch in food truck heaven.  We really made ourselves comfortable, and started all the way at the very end and ate our way down the food truck alley.

First Up...

WTF: Where's The Food - Combination of Asian & Mexican Cuisines

We started our foodie adventure off with WTF's "Asada Fries" and one of their gorgeous Rainbow Lemonades, the "Mean Green Lemonade."  

The fries were perfect - SO much flavor for such a simple dish!  Let me break 'em down... we've got the nostalgic crinkle fries topped with a blend of shredded cheeses, then covered with a Teriyaki Asada (um, yes please) and garnished with fresh cilantro.  They offer a variety of dipping sauces, per your preference that you can grab once you get your dish.  I particularly liked it with ketchup, Randy liked it with Tapatio! 

This "Mean Green Lemonade" tasted EXACTLY like a green Otterpop!  Remember those?!  I used to have those fully stocked in my freezer at all times in my college days... Anyways, I really wish this lemonade came in a larger size because I drank this thing SO fast!    

Moving Right Along...

Dapper Dogs - Gourmet Hot Dogs

These dogs are everything.  I mean really, who doesn't like a hot dog, and a gourmet one at that!?  We decided on trying two COMPLETELY different dogs - the "Morning After" and "The Smoking Gun."  Each were fantastic and delicious in their own ways!

The Smoking Gun on the left and the Morning After on the right

The Smoking Gun dog was smothered with house-made chili (no beans with just a little kick!), nacho cheese and topped with diced onions and of course...BACON!  This chili dog made my life.  Like seriously, I could've eaten every last bite, but I had to be nice and share.

The Smoking Gun

Next up was the "Morning After" dog which is what they claim as "a breakfast dog like you've never experienced before" topped with crispy hash browns, a fried egg, bacon then smothered with house-made hollandaise sauce.  That's a breakfast dog if I've ever seen one!

Morning After

I have to say, they use the best quality hot dogs as well as their delicious toasted buns!  I think if you've got those staples down, then you can do anything!

Keep 'em Comin'...

Tacos Boys - Taqueria

Tacos Boys is a legit taco truck serving up super authentic Mexican food that gives you hints of the Central Valley and being home with every bite.  How many of you have grown up eating from a taco truck?  From as far back as I can remember, taco truck tacos aka "street tacos" have always been my FAVORITE type of tacos which is why you'll hardly find me ordering them in a restaurant.  I just prefer that truck slingin', cabbage and onion topped taco, straight from the corners of the Central Valley.  I knew poppin' in this line was going to be the best idea ever because duh, they have "taco" in their name, so how can you go wrong?!

We decided on a little taco sampler, if you will - 3 tacos each (clearly we hadn't eaten enough and needed to eat more) - Asada (beef), Adobada (pork) and Cabeza (head).  I was so excited to try all three!  I had never tried Cabeza before and I have to say, it was so delicious!!  Cooked perfectly and packed with a ton flavor!  You really can't beat the authenticity and price here at Tacos Boys!


Sno Café - Gourmet Shaved Ice

We finally made it to our last stop on our foodie whirlwind and grabbed a sweet treat over at Sno Cafe's adorably bright and inviting truck where they're serving up the best, the softest and the tastiest shaved ice.  I think the biggest thing that drew me to their shaved ice is that all of their syrups are handmade with pure cane sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup used over here folks!

They have so many options, from a regular shaved ice doused in the syrup of your choice, or you can order from their signature snoballs menu.  It doesn't stop there, they also make STUFFED SNOBALLS! WHAT!!?  Those would be ice cream filled snoballs.  Unreal.

Randy decide on a simple, oldie, but goodie flavor combo - cherry limeade which was heavenly.  Perfect amount of sweetness from the cherry complimented with the right amount of sour from the lime.  Yum!

"I think shaved ice is my favorite food..." -Randy

I decided to order a signature snoball and go for the "Watermelon Cooler" which sounded so refreshing!  This red beauty is drizzled with watermelon syrup, topped with fresh mint and a slice of lime then...sprayed with peppermint!  Like I said, so refreshing and the perfect way to end our feeding frenzy!


If you're interested in heading out to Enzo's Table to try some quality food and shop for some local goods, the Food Trucks are out there every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am-2:30pm.  Also, it's a family friendly environment and even dogs are welcome!  So get some friends together or grab your family for a fun weekend outing where you'll get to experience a little taste of the Valley!

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Happy Labor Day!!