Happy Labor Day!!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL labor day possibly grillin' and chillin'!  Whatever you may be doing, I hope you're with you friends, family or people you care about!  If you still need some last minute menu ideas, check THESE out!

I stumbled upon the quote below and it really rang true to me.  Whether your job is serving people in some sort of capacity, being a mommy or a daddy, or working in an office full of people who are essentially your second family, find something ABOUT that job that you truly love and you'll soon realize you love it more than you think!  

I have to say, that's what I've found in creating Kim's Fab Finds.  It's a lot of work, but I love it with all my heart and it doesn't feel like work when I'm putting pieces together for you.  It's most definitively my happy place.

Ok, enough of the mushy gushy stuff, I'm excited to say that Music Mondays are FINALLY back!!  I put together a super fun playlist for you to chill out with today!  Whether you're BBQing, swimming, or just hanging out in the kitchen grubbin', these tunes will definitely perk you up and keep you happy all day!  Now go and enjoy that well-deserved day off labor day! (This holiday is so confusing...)