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Fab Finds: Artist Spotlight - Sia

Fab Finds: Artist Spotlight - Sia

By now, you all know who Sia is, but I guarantee you nine years ago, you probably would've been asking "Sia who?!?!" I've gotta say, I've been following Sia's career pretty much since the beginning, since her Zero 7 days.

Let's go back, shall we?

Sia Furler, an Australian singer, songwriter, record producer and video music producer really started her career in the late 90's when she joined the British duo Zero 7 and provided the lead vocals with her unmistakably mysterious voice. A few years later after many ups and downs, as many artists face in the music industry, Sia signed with a record label and in 2004 released her third studio album Colour The Small One. This is when I really started to know Sia as a solo artist. Her voice always stood out to me as she sung vocals for Zero 7, but once this album came out, I knew she was special and that she was bound to become something huge one day. Off this album, you will probably recognize the beautiful melody of the song "Breathe Me" ...go ahead, give it a listen! 

After the release of this album, Sia had trouble connecting her music with a mainstream audience, so she tried a different approach, a more upbeat and pop approach with albums four and five.  I personally love them all equally because they speak true to who she was at those points in her life. Some People Have Real Problems and We Are Born are such energetic and fun albums, completely different vibes than earlier on in her career.

I was fortunate enough during this stint of her career to see her on tour in San Francisco at The Fillmore. I have to say this was one of the BEST shows I have EVER seen live in my entire life. She has the most incredible, breathtaking voice, but also, the most beautifully simple yet chaotic stage presence. Does that even make sense?!?! It does to me! Mind you, this was all pre-wigs, pre-face coverup Sia, so I was pretty lucky to see the real authentic Sia.

These albums give me all the feels.

Take a peek at my "Home Footage" from that show I went to back in 2008!

Right here, Sia was actually talking to us! There was a super funny situation that happened between us and Sia and we'll just leave it at that! 

And of course my sweet Caroline whom I adore... I will never forget this experience!! 

Now we'll get back to Sia's journey!

Thankfully, I saw Sia when I did because after this tour, she decided to take a break from performing and focus on songwriting. Before she reappeared into the spotlight, she created many hits including "Titanium" with David Guetta, "Diamonds" with Rihanna and "Wild Ones" with Flo Rida, just to name a few! After a four year hiatus, Sia returned to the scene, with her sixth studio album called 1000 Forms of Fear which features the song that's always in everyone's head, the song that you all know...CHANDELIER!! Yup, that's the one! I feel like this is the album where people really started to notice Sia as an artist, or was it the fact that she wore a wig that covers her face!? Either way, her voice was unmistakable, and she was "new" to the scene, so people thought. 

Her Chandelier music video starring Dance Moms' Maddie Ziegler instantly went viral and caught the attention of the public. Once Sia realized people were drawn to this type of artistry, she created two more videos starring Maddie which were equally intriguing in their own ways. 

This has to be my favorite of the "Maddie" videos... Not only are Sia's lyrics incredibly powerful, but the dancing behind the words truly hit you right in the gut and leave you speechless.

This past October, Sia released her seventh studio album called This is Acting which the song above is featured on. I feel like she went full circle with this album, back to her roots. There's a lot of old school Sia on this album, but also her newer poppy tones, all of which I enjoy! 

Sia is definitely one of my absolute favorite artists! I honestly think she is so incredibly talented and not only that, but so beautifully humble. She gives back, cares about children and animals and has a heart of gold. What more can you ask!?

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