Heading to Seattle!!

Today I'm off to Seattle for a quick vacay to visit my best friend Laura!  I was in Seattle this past January and it was absolutely beautiful!!  I even lucked out with NO RAIN!  I can't wait to experience Seattle this time of year and see everything this wonderful city has to offer!  I'll most definitely be packing some good walking shoes...per the bestie's advice!

Take a look back at a few photos from my trip earlier this year!

You have no idea what I made Laura do in order to let me get that shot!  It was worth it though!

Do you have any Seattle suggestions?  Let me know if there's anything I should do, what I should see (besides the touristy stuff, been there, done that!) or where I should eat!  Any suggestion is welcome!  

In the meantime, I'll meet you back here in a few days with a full rundown of my exciting time in Seattle!