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Fabulously Delicious: Kim's Fresno Foodie Guide (Part 2)

Fabulously Delicious: Kim's Fresno Foodie Guide (Part 2)

Did you try any of the restaurants from part one of my foodie guide?! I'm dying to know! Well if you didn't get a chance to try those, I've got a whole new lineup for you, so get ready! 

Pismo's Coastal Grill

*Description Key

|Apps| - Appetizer     |Main| - Main Dish     |Sides| - Side Dish     |Sweets| - Dessert     |Drinks| - Drinks

Sakura Chaya Tokyo Cuisine

I've tried almost all the Teppan-Yaki joints in town and this one is by FAR my favorite! There must be a reason I keep going back! The service is great, the food is outstanding and the chefs are always a good time! Also, their sauces are on point.

{ What to order }

|Apps| Koji-San Roll (Sushi)

|Apps| Ashley Roll (Sushi)

|Main| Filet Mignon Steak & Chicken -a la carte (Teppan-Yaki)

The BEST croissants in town. They're fresh, they're authentic and they're delicious!! They have three locations around town, so make sure to pop into one of them, you will be pleasantly surprised by their freshly baked bakery selection as well as their large cafe menu!

{ What to order }

|Main| Butter Croissant

|Main| Ham & Cheese Croissant

|Main| Quiche

|Main| Croque Monsieur

|Sweets| Assorted Macarons

 You all know how much I LOOOOVE me some Pokiland! Every time I go there, I fall in love with a new flavor combo! Their food is so fresh and so delicious and the people that work there are SO incredibly nice!!

{ What to order }

|Main| Nachos

|Main| Seaweed Bowl

|Starters| Everything

|Proteins| Smoked Squid, Shrimp, Tuna

|Sauces| Spicy Mayo, Unagi Sauce

|Toppings| Everything except wasabi  

|Dessert| Macaron Ice Cream

Arsenio's Mexican Food

 Ok, I love this place. So much. I actually had them cater my Christmas party this past December and it was SOOOO good. So many options and the salsa bar. Don't get me started. I'm allll about sauces and dips, so to have this many options is heaven!

{ What to order }

|Main| Super Nachos with Carne Asada AND Chicken

|Main| Super Burrito with Carne Asada

|Main| Tacos - Asada, Chicken, Carnitas

|Main| Super Fries with Carne Asada

 No matter what time of day you go, it's ALWAYS busy, but that has NEVER stopped them from great service and fabulous food! What's especially neat about this place is that they have a small fish market at the front of the restaurant, so you can come in and grab some fresh fish to serve up at home, or you can sit down and enjoy a delicious tasty meal with a crisp glass of wine!

{ What to order }

|Apps| Full Dozen Oysters on the Halfshell

|Apps| Ahi Tuna Sashimi

|Apps| Pismo's Famous Stuffed Sourdough Round Bread

|Apps| Steamed Manila Clams or Pacific Mussels

|Apps| Crispy Fried Calamari

|Sides| Cup of Pismo's Clam Chowder (Classic White)

|Sides| Wedge Salad

|Sides| Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

|Main| Pismo's Clam Chowder Bread Bowl with Bay Shrimp Topper (Classic White or Half and Half)

|Main| Blackened Salmon Burger

|Main| Grilled Atlantic Salmon

|Main| Grilled Mahi Mahi

|Main| Grilled Swordfish

|Main| Grilled Wild Sea Bass

|Drinks| Rombauer Chardonnay

 This place is truly special. Since they first opened, it had instant personality, pizzazz and such a warm spirit about it that made you want to come back again and again. This restaurant is unlike any place in Fresno, making you feel as though you're enjoying a delicious, fancy meal in the bay area or even somewhere authentic over seas. I'm not over-exaggerating when I put almost everything on their menu under my "what to order" list because you can't go wrong ordering just about anything! 

{ What to order }

|Apps| Arancini

|Apps| Burrata Mozzarella & Caprese

|Apps| Wood Oven Roasted Bone Marrow

|Apps| Truffle Fries

|Apps| Salumi Board

|Sides| Kale Caesar Salad

|Main| Mixed Mushrooms Pizza

|Main|  Parma Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza

|Main| Smoked Prosciutto Pizza

|Main| Pesto & Burrata Pizza

|Main| Butternut Squash Agnolotti

|Main| Bucatini

|Main| Tagliatelle

|Main| Fusilli

|Main| Braised Beef Short Ribs

|Main| Sliced Hangar Steak

|Sweets| Tiramisu

|Drinks| Blood Orange Cosmo

|Drinks| The Beekeeper

|Drinks| Firecracker

I could honestly eat here every day. It's simple, it's fresh and their hummus...I die. Really, the food speaks for itself! If you're looking for great quality food, but need something in a pinch, hit up Broilers! You won't be disappointed!

{ What to order }

|Sides| Hummus & Pita

|Sides| French Fries

|Main| Beef Salad

Mountain Mike's Pizza - Herndon/First

If you're gonna order a pizza from Mountain Mike's, then this is the location you want to order from! The ingredients are fresher, the meat is better, and the service is outstanding! It's so good that because this location is outside of their delivery zone from my house, I will put my lazy bum in the car and drive there to pick up a pizza because I crave THEIR pizza! Come on, what does that say!?! 

*Sidenote: Their sausage is DELISH and prior to their pizza I used to HATE combination pizza with sausage. It's SO good!

{ What to order }

|Apps| Buffalo Chicken Wings

|Main| The Everest Pizza

An actual hidden gem here in town. The perfect place for a romantic date night (hint hint, Valentine's Day is coming up people!) or a nice little birthday celebration with the family! Read all about my FABULOUS experience here!

{ What to order }

|Apps| Escargot

|Apps| Fresh Mussels & Clams

|Apps| Almond Prawn

|Apps| Smoked Salmon

|Apps| Sausage & Cambozola Cheese

|Sides| Grilled Caesar Salad

|Main| Filet Park Avenue

|Main| 32 oz. Bone-In "Tomahawk" Ribeye


Not only is Sequoia brewing up some FABULOUS brews, but their food is DEEEELISH!! You may be thinking "It's probably just regular old bar food!" Oh no! You are mistaken my friends! They put plenty of love into their food and it sure is tasty! They also serve up a mean breakfast on Sundays and a delicious Bloody Mary if you're down to watch a football game or two!

{ What to order }

|Apps| Blue Cheese Steak Bites

|Apps| Giant Forest Nachos w/ Steak & Chicken

|Apps| Housemade Mozzarella Sticks

|Apps| Our Famous Herbacious Calamari

|Apps| Sausage Platter

|Apps| Our Award Winning Fried Pickles

|Apps| Our Housemade Chips & Salsa

|Main| The Gilroy Pizza

|Main| Mushroom Mozzarella Burger

|Main| Big Daddy Goes to Texas Burger

|Main| The Smokin' Hot Chicken Sandwich

|Main| Chicken Tenders

|Main| Logger's Dip

|Main| Salmon BLT

|Drinks| Del Oro

|Drinks| Blossom Trail

|Drinks| Half Dome

|Drinks| Moto Brew

|Breakfast| Breakfast Sandwich

|Breakfast| Breakfast Burrito

|Breakfast| California Benedict w/ Fresh Salmon

|Breakfast Drinks| Bacon Bloody Mary

So where you headed this weekend!?

You've GOT to check some of these places out, they're most definitely some of my faves in town and I'm sure you'll love them too!

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