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Fab Finds: Bathroom Inspiration

Fab Finds: Bathroom Inspiration

Have you been on a cleaning out/redecorating kick lately like myself?! It's been so invigorating and I'm loving the fact that I've come to a place where I can just throw something out and be OK with it! In the past, that has been the HARDEST thing for me to do...I literally hold on to everything, so for me to have any ounce of feeling to toss something without a thought is a big deal my friends! As you've seen HERE, I've been really into organizing and sprucing up my bathrooms lately, so I thought I'd share with you some of the inspiration behind that!

You can find these towels HERE!


I'm loving two things right now for bathroom sinks, or really for an overall bathroom look: All white, because duh, and adding that gold detail. I think adding a gold faucet or gold knobs can add such a richness to any bathroom!


A bathtub is a tricky item to chose for your bathroom...do you go for pretty or practical!? I truly believe there's a way to incorporate both.  All I know is, if you're eyeing that claw-foot tub and you plan on taking lots and lots of baths in it, make sure you lay down in it and see if you fit in there before you buy it! I'm just sayin...

{Floor Tile}

See a trend here!? I LOVE the contrast of light and dark tiles! I think it looks so neat and there are so many different variations to choose from! I'm so tired of looking at my boring old beige tiles, so these tiles were fun to pick out!


First of all, I'm OBSESSED with the center shower! Those DOORS!!!!!! Overall, I prefer a large open shower...I like space! I hate feeling crammed when showering, so these three options are perfect! Also, I like how bright and airy they are, makes for a refreshing experience!


There's nothing like fresh, new, clean fluffy towels to wrap yourself in after a nice warm shower! I recently experienced this with my Target splurge of new towels and it felt so good!! 


Decorating the bathroom with accessories is the fun and easy part! That's where you get to add all the final touches and really make it your own!

{Doggy Shower}

The dogs most certainly deserve their own "bathroom" too! I've ALWAYS wanted to create a doggy shower where I can easily bathe the dogs without having to put them in the laundry room sink (since my babies are little) and avoid having them run through the house wet afterwards! Something like this would be absolutely perfect!!

OK my friends! Who's feeling excited, inspired and ready to refresh their bathroom!?!?!? I know I am! I'm pumped and would love to start fresh RIGHT NOW!!!! Who's with me!?  

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