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Fabulously Delicious: Blufin Sushi

Fabulously Delicious: Blufin Sushi

Are you a sushi fan, I mean a REAL sushi fan like Yours Truly!?! Maybe you're still in the adventurous stage of trying sushi and still not quite sure what you like, either way, you MUST try Blufin Sushi! It is hands down the BEST sushi in town! This is not a joke. Everything from taste, to presentation to service, they've got it all! I popped in there once to try it and haven't stopped coming back!

Why do I love it so much?

  1. TASTE: I have NEVER had sushi that legitimately wows me with every bite. Each dish is a new experience for my taste buds and sometimes the unexpected dish is the way to go!
  2. PRESENTATION: OK, every single dish that comes out of this kitchen is a piece of artwork. It is UNBELIEVABLE what they can do! Honestly, I've seen TOWERS of sushi, like WHAT?!?!?! Go there, be impressed, take pictures, and tag them! They will love you for it!
  3. SERVICE: Blufin Sushi has the friendliest and most hardworking staff there is! I LOVE to sit up at the sushi bar where Jimmy, Lee or Steve will whip up the most delicious sushi rolls there are! I love chatting it up with them and hearing what THEY recommend! Some of my favorite dishes have come from letting the chefs pick for me...I mean, why not right?! As far as the rest of the staff, they are so attentive, extremely friendly and make you feel like family when you're there! 

What are my favorites?


Baja Sahimi:

This dish literally takes you on vacation! It's so incredibly fresh, has a fabulously spicy kick (which you can request the level of spiciness if you wish), and is utterly stunning! 



THE best lobster roll I have ever had in my life!!! Sometimes when you order a lobster roll, it tends to taste super fishy, but THIS....this is unreal. The perfect amount of lobster to sauce ratio and the presentation, I meeeeeean....LOOK AT IT!!!



Are you a fried calamari person? Omg well then this is the roll for you! On top of each piece of sushi is a fried piece of squid!! WHAT!?!?! UNREAL. 


Waka Waka


This is like a FIESTA in your mouth! You've got spicy grilled shrimp on top of a beautiful mound of "avomole" with a slice a lemon that adds that extra twist of freshness!

Krispy Kream Roll

This is the creamiest, most sin-worthy roll I've probably ever had! You've got salmon, crab meat, avocado and CREAM CHEESE rolled around in panko crumbs then deep fried to perfection that just melts in your mouth! It's luscious and delicious and absolutely perfect.

I can't contain myself when I go here, so please go on my behalf and order a roll or two for me! Maybe I'll see you there! haha 

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