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Fab Finds: Kim's ULTIMATE Christmas Wish List!

Fab Finds: Kim's ULTIMATE Christmas Wish List!

Christmas is upon us whether we like it or love it! haha Have you started your shopping, finished or are you the kind of person that waits until the last minute like I normally do!? This year I'm SO surprised with myself that I've actually taken it upon myself to get out there and get some shopping done early! I EVEN took advantage of some of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (all via my couch of course), but hey, whatever works, right?

Do you sometimes find it hard to tell your friends and family what you want for Christmas? I certainly do! There's usually one gift I'm swooning over every year, so that's what I hint to my parents...other than that it's a free for all! 

I've created a list of things that are on my wish list, probably things I'll never get, which is fine, but hey, a girl can wish a little, right?!

Yes...the big boy! I do a lot of baking and my current KitchenAid, red of course, has run its course and I honestly believe it's going to explode every time I use it. Soooo....this is what I'm asking Santa for this year!

I've been swooning over this necklace for quite sometime now, you ask why? Well, not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it also resembles a part of my Armenian culture. The mountains of Mount Ararat are where Noah's Ark landed, according to the Book of Genesis, but why does it pertain to my Armenian culture? Mount Ararat was a part of Armenia until the Armenian Genocide in 1915 when Turkey took over that section of Armenia. It is on my travel bucket list to one day see that beautiful site in person.

Edie Parker Double-Sided Flavia - (Front)

- (Back)

How fabulous is this clutch!??! Yes, it's a bit pricey, but they're super customizable and chic AF! They also have some other amazingly quirky designs that are just too cute for words!

I just think it would be lovely to own an iconic cable design by David Yurman. So simple, yet so sophisticated. An every day piece of jewelry if you ask me!

I've been looking to replace the photo above my bed with a large tapestry and I have some ideas in mind. I'm also looking to switch up my color scheme in my room (BELIEVE IT OR NOT!), and this one really spoke to me!

Chanel Large Classic Flap Bag

I have DREAMED of one day owning a classic Chanel bag and I will keep dreaming. When I was in Paris back in 2008, I was in a Chanel store and had the pleasure of waltzing around the store with a bag or two on my shoulder, even tried on a diamond watch...what did I walk out with!? Sunglasses. Goals people, goals. 

I'd say that's a pretty loaded wish list if you ask me! I'll keep dreaming and we'll see what sticks! 

Fab Finds: Favorite Christmas Songs

Fab Finds: Favorite Christmas Songs

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