Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Have you seen, tried, learned, eaten, heard anything new this week!??!?! If you have, let me in on your secrets! Take a peek at this week's obsessions!

Liiiiike....majorly crushing on all these pieces made by Meadow Ceramics! Omg. Beautiful!

I just ordered this much talked about dry shampoo foam and I'm SO excited to give it a go! I'm SO incredibly intrigued!

Every time I have the urge to bake some yummy bread, I realize I don't have any mini loaf pans, so I finally decided to get myself a duo! I'm OBSESSED with these beauties!

This blush business card holder is everything! So chic and so adorable!

Can we just quickly talk about these mugs. I meeeeean....

Sometimes I have to tell myself this...then remind myself what a tragedy that would be!

These signs crack me up!! I honestly lost track of time reading them all! 

Currently on the hunt for a new entry way piece of art, and BOY do I wish this color scheme worked in my house because I am in LOVE with this piece of art!! 

I like to call myself a Toms collector...if you've seen my shoe closet, then you'd understand, and these new babies are simply perfect.

This sauce and these meatballs changed my life.

I think that just about covers it for this week!

Happy Obsessing!