Fab Finds: Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist

Over the weekend I inevitably found myself on a Target run, trying my HARDEST to stick to my short list of actual necessities, when I took a sliiiiight detour into the beauty department post deodorant stock up. (which was ON the list! ✔ ) I always love browsing the Pixi Beauty area because they always seem to come out with very innovative, intriguing and practical beauty products. Many of their products caught my attention this round, but one in particular most definitely stood out to me even more so than usual, their Vitamin Wakeup Mist.

What is it?

This fabulous awakening mist is a boosting treatment toner that gives you that revitalized feeling to your complexion. What's wonderful about this product is that you can really use it any time! It's obviously great in the morning before you apply your makeup as well as a nice refresher during the day when you feel like you need a little pick me up! It's also a nice little treat at night right before bed after you've finished your facial cleaning routine. As soon as this mist hits your face you feel in instant zing of energy which is such a wonderful cooling and calming affect. This would be FABULOUS after a workout! 

I think the reason I love it so much is not only how refreshing it feels on my skin, but the scent is absolutely intoxicating! The orange blossom water base is blended with citrus fruit extracts, lavender and arginine. This mist is so hydrating and such a thirst quencher for your skin! I'm gonna have a hard time not spraying it on my face all day long it's that relaxing! 

Next time you're at the big red bullseye, which is probably what Target has on my back every time I walk in there...omg, it totally makes sense now! TARGET, I SEE YOU! I CRACKED THE CODE PEOPLE! Anyways...you should check this product out! If you're not a morning person, spray this baby on your face and BAM! You'll feel awake in seconds! No joke!! I'm so glad my curious eye led me down this aisle, pretty sure I found a new beauty staple! 

*This was not a sponsored post. All comments were based off my own opinions.