Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Well.. What can I say!? I have been so inspired lately and I'm excited to share what I've found!

This pizza by Jonathan Melendez is ABSOLUTELY stunning and I can't stop staring at it!! 

Do you enjoy listening to piano music? Well I've discovered the most BEAUTIFUL playlist on Spotify that I can't seem to stop playing. You must give it a listen, it's heaven. 

I bought this organizing book over the weekend and I am LOVING IT!!! I can't put it down! There are so many great tips, tricks and ideas in here!

THIS was in that fabulous book that I just mentioned above and you better believe I will be getting myself one! I LOVE this idea!

My best friend is throwing a unicorn themed birthday party for her soon-to-be three year old, so I've been having a ball searching for party ideas and I stumbled across this shirt...would it be bad if I wore this to a three year old's party?!   ....you think I'm kidding.

These pretty pink kicks are adorable and perfect for my upcoming Spring wardrobe change-up!

Apparently I'm thinking pink because this dress is just too darn cute! Easter maybe!?

This coffee table...can't even deal.

I am OBSESSED with this smoothing oil for my hair! It makes my hair so silky smooth, not to mention it smells heavenly!

Obsessions on obsessions! Until next week friends!