Fab Finds: Camping Necessities

In a couple weekends, we're going camping with some friends (if the weather permits) and heading to Joshua Tree and I'm so excited!! I haven't been camping in so long, so I thought I'd put together a little checklist to help get myself organized! If you have any recommendations on what I should be bringing, by all means, send them my way! Side Note: We're taking an RV, then camping out, so I'll be including menu ideas as well!

Here we go!

...For the weekend that is!

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{The Gear}

{Safety First}

{Staying Fresh}

{What To Wear}

{What To Eat}

{Beverage Needs}

{The Fun Stuff}

I'd say that's a pretty solid checklist to get myself going! Do you have anything to add? Let me remind you again of the deets: haven't been camping in awhile, taking an RV, camping out, aaaaaaand that's about it! Pretty simple! So lay it on me friends!