Fabulously Obsessing Over...

I don't know about you, but this weather has been SO confusing lately! It's SUPPOSED to rain constantly, yet it's sunny! How am I supposed to dress!? For the rain, for the cold, for the warm (yes, it was warm earlier this week!), it's all just so confusing, so to help settle my brain, I'm just gonna sit over here and obsess over things that make my brain happy! How's that sound?

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful!??! These Sushi Donuts, yes SUSHI DONUTS from ProjectPoke just made my life!

Can it just be Spring already, because this dress is just so stinkin' cute!!

Ugh, I just can't even deal with this Easter dinnerware!! I wanna have Easter at my house this year...only if somebody buys me this set! hehe

Oh my oh my, these beautiful liquid eye shadows from Stila are everything you could dream of! If you need proof...watch this video.

How insanely gorgeous are these dipped Oreos!?! Almost too pretty to eat...almost! 

My mouth is just salivating over these delicious crostinis! I could easily down at LEAST six!

I have always dreamt about having an herb garden, let alone an INDOOR herb garden, but this one just takes the cake! I am in LOVE!!!

This Faux Bouquet gave me so much inspiration over the past weekend to create my own faux succulent garden! So excited to see how it turns out!

These booties are hot hot hot!! Perfect to transition from Winter to Spring!

Hope you found something fabulous here to obsess over!