Fab Finds: My Favorite Super Bowl Commericals

In honor of Super Bowl weekend, I thought we'd take a moment to make ourselves laugh, cry, and get pumped up for all those much anticipated Super Bowl commercials! You ready!?

This is one of my all time FAVORITE commercials...EVER. I'm sure you can take a big guess why!

Ooookkk...probably one of the sweetest and most adorable commercials! Even if you're not a Star Wars fan, it's still so stinkin' cute!

You guys, I LITERALLY started crying watching this. How can you not!??! 

"Where'd he get a balloon...?" Best line.

All the feels. 

For obvious reasons.

This just cracks me up so much!! How times have changed!

Well first off, the California Dancing Raisins are in this commercial, so that's reason enough to love it! #eatraisins

Just a quick trip down memory lane with this one! Remember when they had fun Pepsi commercials!? Also, remember when American Idol winners used to get Super Bowl commercials as part of their contract? Crazy.

We're gonna end our look back on commercials with this gem...

I remember when this aired, it was so powerful and so meaningful, and of course, I BALLED my eyes out! 

Alright my friends! Hopefully you enjoyed a little look back at some of my favorite commercials! Can't WAIT to see what Super Bowl 51 holds!