Fab Finds: My Cheesy Obsession

Wanna know my weakness? Cheese. Honestly, I could survive off cheese alone FORRREVVVERRRR! (Sandlot style!) Give me a cheese platter, throw in some meats and a baguette and I am set for LIFE! I simply cannot contain myself, so when my friends over at Wayfair contacted me and told me about their AMAZING Ultimate Cheese Board Guide, I died.

This guide is literally perfection with EVERYTHING you need to know about how to prepare the perfect cheese board for your guests BY SEASON! Yes, you heard me right, by season. Isn't that awesome!? If you're anything like me, I'm constantly throwing parties and small gatherings all year long and a cheese board is always a staple on my menu. This guide is so helpful when deciding which cheeses to pick out according to whether it's either chilly outside, perfectly cool or blistering hot! 

Not only does this guide give you the down-low on every kind of cheese you need to know about, but they've also included great tips on what fruits, spreads, crackers and wines to pair those cheeses with, so basically, you can't mess up! I will most definitely be keeping this guide handy for all my entertaining needs! 

(To say I'm a bit obsessed with a fabulous meat and cheese board is an understatement...)

Take a peek at some of my favorite Wayfair cheese boards and accessories!

{The Board}

{The Tools}

{The Markers}

For more tips and ideas, click below!

{DIY} The Perfect Meat & Cheese Board

*Thank you to Wayfair for partnering with me on this post!