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Fab Travels: Joshua Tree

Fab Travels: Joshua Tree

As previously mentioned, over this past weekend I went camping and enjoyed the beautiful sites and windy nights of Joshua Tree! It was unlike anything I had ever seen in person...something out of a movie, truly breathtaking. 

Joshua Tree National Park

This was my first time going on a long road trip in an RV and camping out in one, so I was super pumped for the experience and all the expected shenanigans!

We left bright and early Saturday morning with our friends Liz and Dillon (who were generously hosting their RV for the weekend), and arrived at our campsite later that afternoon ready for a weekend of fun!

After a seamless drive thanks to Dillon, we immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY unpacked lunch and set up shop!

With happy bellies, it was finally time to explore what we've been looking forward to for so long!

One thing we weren't expecting on this trip were strong and heavy winds which meant camping out in tents was definitely not going to happen! After we inhaled our delicious Frito boats for dinner, we decided to call it an early night in preparation of heading straight to the park for a bright and early morning!


We made it through the first night of that CRAZY wind and woke up early to enjoy delicious coffee and bagels accompanied by yummy Everything Bagel Butter! (<---YOU MUST MAKE THIS!!) 

Fueled up and off to the park we go!

After our first round of exploration, we decided to head up to the lookout where you can oversee the entire Coachella Valley! I gotta say it was a sight to see!

*I couldn't help but capture those sweet moments of our friends, Liz and Dillon!*

Next up was another little spot we found to explore which was a quick little loop with really beautiful sites to explore!

We finally ventured back to our campsite, ate lunch, drank some Bloody Mary, spilled some Bloody Mary (due to the wind might I add - story of my weekend!), then decided it was time for a hike! Although windy, we managed and the view from the top was absolutely worth it! 

We safely made it back down the mountain, enjoyed a cozy post-hike afternoon in the RV literally doing nothing and it was fabulous! Dillon and I colored...yes, colored in adult coloring books! Dillon's looked like a masterpiece and mine...well, let's just say I started two pieces and didn't finish...clearly I don't have that kind of patience! haha

We eventually decided to start our last camp dinner which was camping mac n' cheese and hot dogs with Liz's amazing grilled onions! How can you go wrong!? I gotta say, we most definitely ate well on this trip!

I am SO happy we were able to go on this trip! Although windy, we still managed to enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful scenery. This place was like another world and I'm so thankful for this experience. A big thank you to Liz and Dillon for coordinating this trip! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

*A special thank you to Liz for capturing all the photos of me!* 

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