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Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Fabulously Obsessing Over...

Since grillin' season is upon us, I'm sharing everything that's "grill worthy" and all my other fabulous summer bbq entertaining obsessions!  

^^^ Somebody give me these ribs STAT. @zimmysnook knows what's up!! ^^^

These grill prep trays are GENIUS I tell ya!! Instead of scurrying around trying to find 15 different dishes while grilling, you've got it all figured out right here!

I know this may not be as glamorous as some of the other items, but this grill cleaning brush sounds pretty darn glamorous to me! Give me ANYTHING to get that grill cleaned easy and fast and I'm a happy camper!

Truffle burger set!??!?! Done.

This ceramic shrimp pan gives me so much summer life! Nothin' like grillin' up some shrimp on the BBQ on a perfect day!

Not gonna lie, this red picnic cooler is pretty darn cute!

This drink dispenser is so adorable!! #shabbychic

This outdoor dinnerware is so cute and SUPER fresh!! 

You guys, RAINBOW TUMBLERS!! The perfect cup to be sippin' on your summer cocktails!

This flatware kind of goes with the dinnerware I picked out! I kinda like how sophisticated it looks!

This summer serving set is festively fun! Somebody make me a salad stat!

Ok waaaaaait....THIS outdoor dinnerware is amazing toooooo.

Who doesn't need a copper beverage tub?!? Just saying...

You know my current obsession with lemons, so this serving bowl is perfect for those summer salads!

Now go get yourself ready for that perfect summer BBQ my friends!! 


Fabulously Delicious: Strawberry & Peach Wine Slushies

Fabulously Delicious: Strawberry & Peach Wine Slushies

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!