Kim's Fab Travel: Giveaway!!

I'm giving away a free LipSense kit to anyone who can guess where I'm heading this weekend! Sorry friends and family, if you already know, you can't guess! I'm going to put up 10 clues to help you guess, AND you have to guess the exact town! 


Clue #1:

This city has the most coffee and donut shops per capita of any city in the country, with over 25 doughnut shops per 100,000 people. 

Clue #2:

This city is the largest manufacturer of silverware in the world.

Clue #3:

This city is home of the First Baptist Church in America, which has been around since 1775.

Clue #5:

Sister cities of this city include Florence, Riga, Santo Domingo and Guatemala City.

Clue #6:

The costume jewelry business began in this city in 1794 when a new method for plating base metal with gold was discovered. Today, the state which this city belongs to employs 35,000 people in jewelry manufacturing and distribution. 

Clue #7:

Home of one of the country's top art schools.

Clue #8:

This city was one of the first cities established in the United States.

Clue #9:

The name of this city is in the OFFICIAL name of the state name. 

Clue #10:

This city is on the East Coast.

Figure it out yet!?!

You have until Monday when I get back to guess! First person to COMMENT ON HERE with the correct answer wins!! 

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Good luck!!