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Fab Finds: Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

Fab Finds: Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

Pumpkins, candles, fuzzy socks and COZY WEATHER are upon us folks! Well, probably for some of us that is... I think most of us are faking it with all the the fall scents and buying pumpkins 231231 days before Halloween and Thanksgiving, but until the 90 degree weather fades, it's just so darn hard for me to FEEEEEEL Fall! HOWEVER, I decided enough was enough and I finally took out my fall decor and sprinkled it around the house. It was quite refreshing considering I still had up my spring "tablescape" on my dining room table. What?!?! I was basically gone this ENTIRE summer, and who REALLY decorates their table for summer anyways...just saying! hehe

OK, so why am I rambling on and on about fall, because 90 degree weather aside, I LOOOOOVE fall fashion! Cozy scarves, boots, and the COLORS! Omg. Just so fabulous. SO, I wanted to put together a little list of everything I'm currently crushing on this coming fall season because weather (<--- see what I did there!) we're ready or not, it's here-ish.

- Tops -

This season, I'm loving embellishments errrrwhere! On the sleeves, the bottom of the top or whether it's a beautiful patterned design. I'm noticing bell sleeves and peplum tops all over the place and I am not made about it!

- Sweaters -

I'm super into slouchy, cozy sweaters because who doesn't love a sweater that you can snuggle up into anytime? 


Sort of along the same lines as the tops section, however I'm LOVING all these beautiful floral designs! 


I think I'm just super into the FUNK this season! Look at these JACKETS!! I can't even deal. 


My shoe love this season is all over the board because truth be told I will honestly wear ANYTHING.


THESE. BAGS. I just can't even. I've been into small bags lately, and if they're gonna be small, why not add a little extra flare!?


Those gold "Open Close Eye Eyelashes" earring by Make Pie Not War in the center there are one of my absolute favorite pieces I've been currently wearing lately! I can't tell you how many compliments I get on them DAILY!! Plus, she's a local artist, so you can't beat that!

Hope you all got a little inspired to get into the fall spirit despite the weather! I'm counting down until I can throw on those boots, a sweater and a scarf and walk out the door! WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!?

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