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Fab Finds: Guilty Foodie Pleasures

Fab Finds: Guilty Foodie Pleasures

The other day I was in the kitchen making a little snack and I ended up using some Pace Picante Salsa. Something you MIGHT not know about me is that I LOOOOOOVE that salsa. It's so basic, so NOT authentic, but it's so so good...to me. So I thought to myself, what are my other guilty pleasures that might surprise you all?

Let's dig in.

Taco Bell

Honestly though, who doesn't love a good solid round of the Bell?! I sure do! In college, Taco Bell was more of a late night spot, but today, I could definitely eat it for lunch or dinner...don't judge. I like it. It's gross, but good for the soul.

What's my go to order:

Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Burrito Supreme

Soft Taco Supreme

If i'm feeling like a sassy switch-up, I'll order a

Crunchwrap Supreme


2 Crunchy Taco Supremes

Dicicco's Italian Restaurant

GUILTY! For those of you that are locals may know why I put this on here... #carbcity

Not gonna lie, I love me some Dicicco's! You also can't deny they have the BEST bread! My family and I visit this restaurant often because there is one close to my parents' house and also because it's easy, fast, and I personally think it tastes pretty good! I won't say it's the the most amazing Italian food on the planet, but hey, when you're looking for a family meal to bring you all together, something that's reasonably priced and delicious, why the heck not!?

One thing to note: Since there are so many Dicicco's in town, you gotta know which one is the best! Our personal preference - Dicicco's in Sunnyside!

What to order:

Antipasto Salad 

Linguini with Clam Sauce in White Wine Garlic Sauce

Spaghetti with Pink Sauce

Rigatoni Scarface

Imitation Crab Meat

Yuuuuup... you better believe it! I buy these on the reg and snack on the "crab" sticks and I LOVE them! They're low calorie and they taste delish...to me. haha Is that weird? I feel like a few of you might think a lot less of me out there now, but obviously this "food" was created for a reason! Ain't no stopping me from snacking on these crab legs. #fancy

v8 vegetable Juice

I loooooove myself a bloody mary, but when it's not quite the appropriate hour to drink one, I'll definitely settle for an ice cold BABY CAN of V8! I'm very particular about my V8 consumption. I won't drink it any other way besides from that cute little baby can! The larger cans are too much juice, drinking it poured into a glass doesn't feel right.. You get the perfect amount of juice in that little 'ol can and you don't feel wasteful!

Sometimes when I fly I ask for tomato juice, they serve it over ice and it's weird.

Chips and Ranch Dip

I'm also very particular about my chips and dip. If you've been to any of my shin-digs, then you know there's ALWAYS chips and dip. I love ranch dip. However, it has to be sour cream ranch dip, not the ranch dip from a jar, not pre-made store bought ranch dip, but Laura Scudder's ranch dip. I ALWAYS buy this dip, mix it into sour cream and that makes one heck of a dip! Served alongside a massive bowl of Ruffles, you are set!

Boston Market

I love a good Boston Market run. When I was a kid, my mom would order up a big 'ol round of family style Boston Market and we 'd go-to-town. It was fast, it was delicious and most importantly, it brought us all together. I still remember those meals together, so maybe it's nostalgia that makes me crave it sometimes, whatever it is, I like it. 

What to order:

Rotisserie Chicken


Mac & Cheese

Creamed Spinach

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

....and of course their fabulous Cornbread

Super light.

It's a cozy meal that's easy to grab when I don't feel like cooking that brings me back to my childhood. Done and done.

**Also...my Boston Market has a drive-thru for the ultimate laziness #winning

Magic Shell Fudge Topping

Do you remember when you had your first chocolate dipped ice cream cone? Oh man, I do! I was a kid on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and there's this one tiny spot below the Giant Dipper that serves chocolate dipped cones. There's a couple places on the boardwalk that serves chocolate dipped cones, but THIS place was the first place I experienced heaven. That melty goodness dripping down your hand where you couldn't lick fast enough to keep up, that kind of childhood heaven. Ever since I was a child, I would always make it a point to stop at THAT particular stand and grab a chocolate dipped cone.  This is why I'm obsessed with magic shell fudge topping. #throwback

To make my Magic Shell treat a LITTLE healthier, I like to scoop some Halo Top Vanilla Bean ice cream in a bowl, throw some sliced strawberries on top (when they're yummy and in season) and finally, DOUSE that bowl with Magic Shell Fudge Topping. If i'm feeling fancy, I'll swirl a little fat free Reddi Wip on top and finish with sprinkles! Gimme.


What are your guilty Foodie pleasures?

I'm sure I have plenty more, but these...these are the best.


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