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Kim’s Fab Finds

Kim’s Fab Finds

Happy New Year Folks! Whatcha think of the new look?

It’s been a little while since I’ve hopped on - what can I say, life happens! You get busy, tired, distracted, unexpected situations pop up, but that was SO last year and I’m super pumped for what 2019 holds for me. I’ve let go of so many things in 2018 and am ready for a beautiful fresh start with new beginnings and fabulous adventures. Ready or not, this year will be dedicated to soul searching finding what TRULY makes me happy.

With all that being said, I will be sharing with you FOUR things that I’ve decided to take on in the start of this new year that will help refresh my mind, body and soul.


I’ve decided to puzzle. I haven’t picked up a box of puzzle pieces since I was a kid and I gotta say, I’m REALLY enjoying it! I picked a puzzle that was obviously visually pleasing to me (food related, duh!) which I then set up on my coffee table in the living room. Every time I sit in there to watch TV, I now have created a tiny habit of working on my puzzle instead of playing on my phone or scrolling through Instagram. It keeps my mind busy in a more positive way. Every time I connect a puzzle piece to each other I feel a fabulous sense of accomplishment!


New year, new goals. The bestie and I have decided to take on running as part of our physical activity. Now let me tell you something, I LOATHE running, and I’m pretty sure running is not fond of me. HOWEVER, there was a point in my life a few years ago when I ran quite often and I truly enjoyed the results I saw in my body, how I felt mentally, and how much more energy I had. As all of those memories flooded back into my brain, I decided now is the time to tackle this feat with a positive attitude and an open mind.


I’ve decided that I not only want to START journaling, but I NEED to journal. I need a specific place where I can jot down my goals, my aspirations, my needs and my wants. Is that too much to ask? haha I think it’ll be therapeutic and a great way to be specific about things in my life and help keep my crazy schedule on track. I recently ordered the Ink+Volt planner and I’m really excited to dig in. I think goal setting is SO important in life, and it’s certainly something I don’t do enough.


I’m just 7 months shy of my 10 year anniversary of living in my house and yet, my house STILL isn’t tidy. Will it ever be? Hopefully! I’ve decided to take on the task of tidying. I recently dove into the new Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and it has been so inspirational! Every episode gives me hope and encouragement to tackle ONE SMALL AREA of my house that can easily be put together exactly how I imagine it. I used to think of organizing and tidying as such daunting and massive tasks, but now I’ve learned to appreciate EVERYTHING I have and to thankfully part ways with those things I don’t necessarily need anymore. There are three major spaces in my house that give me complete anxiety, so I’m hoping with this method, I can smoothly and calmly tidy up!

What are your goals, dreams, resolutions for this coming year? Who doesn’t love a fresh start!?

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