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Catching up

Catching up


It’s been a busy few months… well, busy in MY world.

Where exactly have I been? Oh, I'll tell ya!

Remodeled my house and am currently redecorating (you guys, it's a lot harder than Chip & Joanna make it look)…

I’ve been supporting friends and their local businesses (because they’re FAB!)

Vintage “Choose Joy” Tee from: The Shop at KLSD

The Shop at KLSD located Downtown at  1755 Broadway St #105, Fresno, CA 93721

The Shop at KLSD located Downtown at 1755 Broadway St #105, Fresno, CA 93721

“Hippie Flower Power” Earrings: Makepie

Forever Bracelet “Zap ‘n Chat” event at Tioga Sequoia

Forever Bracelet “Zap ‘n Chat” event at Tioga Sequoia

Enjoyed plenty of Fresno’s fabulous local dining (there is SO much deliciousness here in the Valley and I’ve been taking full advantage!)

Pizza + Pasta, my two loves.

Old Town Clovis

Took a few trips…

Bottlerock - Beverly Hills - Outside Lands - San Diego

Also… a Summer of trying to date in a town full of non-existent men has been QUITE the challenge! (Someone help a sista out!)

Disclaimer: I do own other shoes besides my leopard booties! LMAO!

But… lastly and of course one of the most exciting things I’ve been doing has been catching up on all my favorite AND newly premiered television shows! (It’s the little things ya’ll lol)

Late September and early October are the best time to clear your calendars and make time for all your favorite shows to make their triumphant return to television and to gear up for all those much anticipated FALL PREMIERES. It's one of my favorite times to look forward to in the entertainment industry (besides awards shows of course). If you time everything juuuuust right, you can do it all.

It has taken me YEARS to finally figure out how to fully catch up and watch all my current shows by the time they premiere AND be able to watch new shows AS they premiere. I’ve never been able to do it until this year. TV time management is a real thing ya’ll and I take it seriously! haha

Somehow over the years I figured out a system:

  1. Don’t waste time on shows you don’t GENUINELY enjoy. If you aren’t thinking about them after you’re done watching an episode, don’t keep watching them. They don’t deserve your time or energy.

  2. You don’t ALWAYS have to finish an episode. I struggled with this for so long and I think that’s why it took me so long to finish a series. I wouldn’t start an episode because maybe I was too tired or busy, so I would put it off. Now, I try to enjoy a little here and there and I get through them so much faster!

  3. Find a comedy or a 30 min. episode series that you can enjoy while getting ready. I’ve done this now with three different series. I have an iPad set up in my bathroom and while I’m doing my makeup and hair, I throw on a show! This has allowed me to knock out so many episodes of shows all while primping away!

  4. Share your love for shows and get people interested in them so you can chat about them! I LOVE debriefing shows with friends and family! It’s informative, exciting, and fun!

With all that being said, I wanted to provide you with a FULL FALL TV GUIDE (at least of what’s on my radar) of everything I’ve been watching, all the new shows I’ve been checking out, AND what’s coming up! I’ll give you my reviews, time slots and where you can find them!

Stay tuned because this will be worth it!

How about I meet you here tomorrow, same time, same place? …like a TV date! See you soon!


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