What's Your Favorite Color?

Red! And that's an understatement! If there's an opportunity for me to buy something red, I take it! I have red couches, a red Nikon camera, and a little red piano!

WHat's Your Favorite Wine?

Rombauer Chardonnay hands down! Everyone makes fun of me whenever I'm out and I see they don't have my wine I ask "what's your butteryist Chardonnay??" Oh brother.

What's Your Favorite Flower?

Tulips and Hydrangeas! I think tulips are such a fun, quirky flower and I pretty much buy them weekly from Trader Joe's. Hydrangeas, all colors, when arranged right are absolutely stunning!! 

What's Your Favorite Quote?

"Where words fail, music speaks."

What's Your Favorite Food?

I can eat Armenian food and Mexican food EVERY DAY if I somebody forced me to! But, if we're being completely honest, I can eat sushi, and pizza and meats and cheeses every day too...soooo I pretty much love everything. 

What's Your Middle Name?

My middle name is Armenian, "Karoun" pronounced "Ka-roon" which means "Spring!" Yes, the season! I was born June 10th, so the end of Spring almost Summer, and my dad said he absolutely LOVED the way the vineyards smelled and looked around this time, so my parents decided on this for my middle name! I love it too!