Kim's Fab Photos: Sydney & Skylar | Newborn Twins

I finally got to do it!  I finally had the opportunity to photograph newborn twins and it was so cool, crazy, strange, amazing, alllll of the emotions!  Like twins.  Sorry,  it's just mind-blowing to me that God can create two people in this world that look exactly the same.  CRAZY.  

Let's back up for a sec to the day of the shoot...  I get to Hollie and Mike's house (proud momma and papa of these beautiful baby girls) and Hollie answers the door holding baby #1.  I start "Ooooing and Awwwwing" with how cute she is, then she opens the door wider and I see Mike sitting on the couch with baby #2, I seriously forgot there were twins involved for a hot minute!  I thought, "Oh right! THERE'S TWO OF THEM!!"  I instantly started asking a million questions because I just wanted to know everything!  

"What what! We're here!"

Hollie and Mike already have a son named Easton who such a good big brother to these two little angels.  It's just kind of funny because prior to the twins, all they knew was boy stuff, so to have not only one baby girl to adjust to, but TWO of them is quite the change!  Two tutus, two headbands, two bows, two EVERYTHING! #doublethepink  #doubletheglitter

Newborn photos are always challenging, so when you throw two of them in there, it's quite the effort! However, thanks to mommy and daddy, grandma, grandpa, big brother and a 5 lb. bag of gummy bears, we nailed it!

Now the guessing game, who's who!??! Can you tell!? Sydney or Skylar?!

Can't even deal.  Such a beautiful family!  It's just so crazy to me to think that I've seen Easton grow from being in Hollie's tummy to where he is now, to watching him become a big brother to these two adorable sweeties.  It's really special.  I'm very thankful for these wonderful opportunities I get to have in my life with such amazing people to share them with!