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Fab Finds: Fig & Olive

Fab Finds: Fig & Olive

My dad and I are back at it again, hitting the culinary streets of Los Angeles, one carb at a time and discovered this Mediterranean oasis, Fig & Olive

First of all, this place has two of my favorite things in it's name, figs...an olives!  I mean, figs this time of year are just glorious!!  Served correctly, you can't beat them!  I was really itching for a little prosciutto wrapped goat cheese stuffed fig, but believe me, they had plenty to make up for that!  Also, olives in any form, but mostly, OLIVE OIL!  I'm an olive oil junkie, like can't buy enough olive oil, LOOOOOVE me some olive oil!!  When I found out they make their own olive oil, I knew we were in for a treat!

Let's talk ambience... it's as if you were outdoors, on a nice large patio, yet you were 100% inside!  They created this illusion with a large tree in the center of the room, lots a greenery throughtout and VERY high ceilings along with fun outdoor "patio" type furniture.  It was perfect and so comfortable!

Immediately, our very personable and memorable server Patrick came over and brought us some DELICIOUS focaccia bread served with three difference Spanish olive oils ranging from light to heavy.  It was sort of like you were able to have your own little olive oil tasting right at your own table!  Have you ever done that??  It's really fun and you grow to appreciate the process and different elements of each oil.  

Next up, we ordered the "Cheese Board" which was heavenly.  It consisted of three cheeses - Brie, Gorgonzola, and marinated Goat Cheese.  Also, on the board was a fig and olive tapenade, marcona almonds, and fig jam all served with grilled toast.  My favorite combination was the brie, tapenade and jam smeared on the toast.  Mmm so scrumptious!! 

We then moved on to a salad and decided to share one tonight.  We shared the FIG & OLIVE salad which was so fresh and the perfect amount for both of us!  The salad had Manchego cheese (yum!), Gorgonzola dolce, sliced figs, apples, walnuts and olives all tossed in the beautiful tangy vinaigrette!  

For dinner, my dad ordered the Mediterranean Branzino, in English, that would be Seabass!  This was glazed with an 18-year aged balsamic, served atop beautiful figs and snow peas with a side of mashed potatoes.  I didn't have a chance to try the Branzino, but I do remember looking up shortly after we received out dinner and one of the filets was GONE instantly, so it must've been good! 

I decided to get crazy and order the Paella del Mar!  It reminded me of when I was back in Barcelona, Spain and what AMAZING paella we had there!!  I love the personal sized paellas they crank out here!  It's really great because it always seems to be a sharing dish, so it was nice that I was able to order it for my own personal dinner!  Oh and P.S. those scallops were to DIE for!

Guess what??  We got dessert!  Shocker.  We ordered the Strawberry Vacherin which completely hit the spot!!  You have gorgeous layers of strawberry marmalade and strawberry sorbet topped with whipped cream and a uniquely tasty thyme merengue!  So refreshing and the PERFECT way to end your meal, almost like a palette cleanser.  I could eat that over and over again.  Mmm I could eat that for BREAKFAST!! 

The staff at Fig & Olive was so fun and very nice, and made our experience there extra special!!  I'm so happy we were able to take a "trip" to the Mediterranean and enjoy the flavors of Fig & Olive!

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