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Fab Finds: Drugstore & Target Favorites

Fab Finds: Drugstore & Target Favorites

I'm sure you all have your favorite every day go-to's when it comes to drugstore products or of course the black hole that is called TARGET.  I thought I'd share with you my favorite products that I use on the REG that I can thankfully and easily grab at my nearest drugstore or Target.

Take a peek!

OK, let's break it down a bit...

Those Simple Cleansing Wipes save me.  They go with me EVERYWHERE!!  I will not travel without them, and I will not go to bed without taking my makeup off each night without them.  They are so gentle on the face and do a really great job at getting all the grimy stuff off!  As for the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water, that I use when I'm suuuuper lazy and don't want to go through my entire nightly face washing regime.  It's super quick, feels fresh and get's me into bed faster!  Ooh!  I also use this for those early morning gym sessions when I'm extra lazy and half asleep, but should really wash my face - it's so simple (heh!), and leaves my face feeling super fresh, oh man and especially when you swipe it over your eyes...GOOD MORNING!!!!!  I honestly bought it as a "I'll give a shot, but it probably won't work" type of sitch, aaaaand I ended up REALLY liking it!  I've now bought at least three or four since my first try! 

Next up is the Pixi Makup Fixing Mist which is still sort of new to me, but I am loving it!  I love the idea of of setting your make up, and the fact that this stuff actually works is even better!  This mist has a nice refreshing quality to it which sends me off to start my day on a bright and cheery note!

The Fekkai Salon shampoo and conditioner are perfection.  I've always been the type of girl that felt the need to buy super expensive shampoos and conditioners at salons because I love experimenting with new products, but do they always necessarily work?! Not always.  So as I was browsing Target one Saturday (as I do probably every Saturday) I realized I needed some new shampoo and conditioner.  I didn't want to spend a fortune, but still wanted salon quality products... that's when I decided to try these babies!  Oh was it a brilliant decision!  My hair has NEVER, EVER been so silky smooth and has never not needed to be styled post-blow dry!  SAY WHAT!??!  Literally, blow dry and go!  I love this product!!  AND it smells so good! Done deal.

I love some good volume at my roots, who doesn't!?  Over the years, I have tried so many root lifting products and THIS IS THE WINNER!!!! The Big Sexy Hair Powder Play takes home the prize for sure!  It gives you immediate volume at the roots with no fuss!  All you gotta do it powder up, fluff and you're good to go!  I may or may tease it up juuuuuust a touch, but who are we kidding, love that volume!

I used to use a TON of hairspray, and the strong hold kind too!  I'd say probably last year, I was having MAJOR hair damage issues - lots of breakage and split ends, so I asked my hairstylist what she thought was causing this and what'd she say?!?! HAIRSPRAY & HEAT.  So what did I do!?  I REALLY laid off the heat, only straightened my hair on occasion and curled my hair basically on the weekends for events.  I also cut back my hairspray usage MAJORLY!!  I wouldn't say I had helmet hair before, but I would make sure my hair wasn't going anywhere!  Now, I buy the Fekkai Sheer Hold Hair Spray and only use it when I curl my hair.  I lightly spray it on before I curl, then use it as a setting spray after and that's it!  I can't believe how much I've cut back!  It's literally saved my hair, ask my hairstylist!

The EOS Shaving Cream and Venus blades are such a wonderful dynamic duo!  They leave my legs silky smooth and a little goes a long way with the shaving cream!  I usually switch back and forth between the Lavender and the Vanilla scents for the shaving cream, neither are overpowering - just perfectly scented and so creamy and luxurious! 

If I paint my nails at home, I ALWAYS finish my manicure with the Essie Quick Drying Drops!  I'm the weirdo that paints her nails before bed.  True story folks.  Once I'm finished with my top coat, I put a few of these drops on my nails and I'm ready for bed!  They really do help my nails dry and I NEVER worry about smudging.  When I wake up, my nails look perfect!

If you're looking for a moisturizer that doesn't leave your skin super greasy, then THIS Eucerin lotion is the one for you!  I don't have super dry skin, but always need to apply a little lotion after the shower, so this lotion gives me the perfect amount of moisture without overdoing it and leaving my skin feeling gross and greasy.

Ok, I swear by this pimple cream.  It works, it really does!  I take it with me on trips in case I get a travel pimple...this little tube is my friend.  What's cool about the Alba Fast Fix is that it's flesh color so it's nice if you just want to apply it without makeup over a pimple or use it under makeup.  When I need to use it, I usually use it in the morning before I apply my makeup and at night after I've washed and moisturized.  Love this little guy.

Lastly, this Vaseline Lip Tin in Rosy Lips is everything!  Ever since Caroline posted about these little gems back in February, I knew I needed to hop on this train.  So I grabbed one and I keep it in my desk drawer at work and let me tell you, it's like taking a mini-vacay every time I put it on my lips.  I love the way it feels, the way it smells and of course it's perfectly compact for any space which is so nice!  Everything about it is just glorious!!

Alright, so now that you've officially read an entire book, hopefully you got some inspiration to try something new!!  I swear to you, these are my tried and true and I love them!!  Got any favorites of your own?  Would love to hear!

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