Fab Finds: The Bundle of Joy

Doesn't it feel like everybody around you is pregnant these days?! Well maybe that's what it feels like for me, and you know what? I'm not mad about it! I love seeing pregnant women - they're so beautiful, happy and of course, GLOWING!  

So what comes next? Family, friend or co-worker has their beautiful baby and it's GIFT time!! ...my favorite part! Instead of congratulating them with flowers or the same old store-bought gifts, why not gift them "THE BUNDLE OF JOY!" What is this you ask? It's simply fabulousness in a box! (my specialty of course!) Clearly, I'm excited about this and I'm about to tell you why...

My dear friend Caroline of Perfect 10 SF just launched her amazing new company "The Bundle of Joy" which helps you send the PERFECT gift to all those brand new mommies (and daddies) out there! They offer the most adorable handpicked bundles from some of the most amazing small businesses out there. What's super cool is that most of these products aren't available to purchase in store so you're sending (or getting!) something incredibly unique and special. My FAVORITE part about giving these perfectly curated bundles is that for each bundle purchased, a donation is made to a non-profit. What's not to love about that? 

Right now The Bundle of Joy offers four different bundles as well as the option of corporate gifting. Your needs are completely covered if you ask me! 

Let's take a peek inside!


I meeeeean, COME ON, RIGHT?!?!?!

Today (8/31) and today only, you'll receive 10% off with the code BIRTHDAY!! So hop to it and bundle up people!! 

oh, and...