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Fab Finds: Illuminate Cosmetics by Ashley Tisdale

Fab Finds: Illuminate Cosmetics by Ashley Tisdale

Yes, you read correctly.  Ashley Tisdale, Disney Channel star extraordinaire!  Let me tell you how this came about...

 I was listening to Entertainment Weekly Radio a couple weeks ago and Ashley Tisdale was on there for an interview.  At first I wasn't going to listen to it, but then I decided to give it a chance.  I was so happy I did because A. She is hilarious and seems super down to earth and B. She introduced her new makeup line called "Illuminate Cosmetics" that she had been working on for the past couple years.  Of course I had to know what this was all about, so I went online to their website, read reviews and was very impressed!  After thoroughly examining each product, I decided which items I wanted to try, added them to my cart and was on my way!

{ Beach Goddess - 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection - $14.00 }

I can't explain to you how impressed I am with the quality of the shadows, blush and bronzer.  The pigment is perfect and the shadows stay all day.  I've been rocking these shadows since I got this collection and I'm thinking about getting the "Night Goddess" collection very soon!  I also use this blush daily over my Illuminate Cream Cheek & Lip Tint.  Perfection.

{ Cream Cheek & Lip Tint - $7.00 }

I love the Cream Cheek & Lip Tint because it's so versatile, both your cheeks and lips get to benefit from it!  This is great to keep in your purse as a little afternoon face pick me up, to add a little color when you feel like your makeup has dulled down.

{ Enhancing Lip Gloss - $9.00 }

I am OBSESSED with these Enhancing Lip Glosses!  I couldn't decide on which color I wanted to I settled on both Bonfire and Aloha.  I wear Aloha almost daily because it's very neutral.  I love how vibrant Bonfire is which makes for a perfect summer color!  Also, the shape of the brush is awesome!! 

You can officially call me a fan of Illuminate Cosmetics and I thank Ashley Tisdale for creating such high quality, gorgeous and fun products!! Not to mention affordable too!  Looking forward to exploring more colors!

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